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HR skill-based hiring - focusing on candidate skills for recruitment

Overcoming the Challenges to Skills-Based Hiring

Recent studies show that most employers, including government entities, are increasingly favoring skills-based hiring. In today’s fast-paced and ever-evolving job market, skills have become paramount. However, despite this trend, reports, such as one conducted by the Burning Glass Institute, indicate that many HR personnel still predominantly rely on resumes and degrees when making hiring decisions. Unfortunately, the necessary systems to base hiring decisions on skills are often unavailable to them. Join us for a deep dive into the challenges employers face and explore the tech-enabled solutions available to help address these challenges.

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Learning Impact 2024 Conference - Join the session with Richard Copeland, Margo Griffith, and Kathryn Green to explore interoperable data standards and imagine a digital recognition strategy to make all learning visible and portable for the learner and the wider learning community.

Learning Impact 2024 Conference – We Are More Than Our Grades: A Digital Recognition Lens

Edalex will join over 600 education and technology leaders to connect, collaborate, and get ahead of what’s next in digital teaching and learning strategies and solutions at 1EdTech’s Learning Impact Conference, taking place in Salt Lake City, Utah, between June 3rd and 6th, 2024. The annual conference inspires a diverse group of educational providers and edtech suppliers to focus on the top issues in education and work together to advance teaching and learning technology that fits all needs.

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Edalex Blog Post - Tech Enablement of Portrait of a Graduate is Already Here

Tech Enablement of Portrait of a Graduate is Already Here

Tech enablement of learners has been acknowledged by the education community and others as a necessity for moving forward into the new skills-based hiring ecosystem for quite some time. The key is skills visibility. After all, what good is an employer focusing on hiring for skills if a candidate cannot prove what skills they have in a clear and verifiable way? Through the use of machine-readable data, combined with human inputs and organisational technology and infrastructure, educators, learners, and employers can access data about the learner’s progress and achievements 24/7. Discover the transformative power of the new tech-abled portrait of graduate.

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Edalex Blog Post - Adult Education is Changing and Lifelong Learning is Coming Into Its Own

Adult Education is Changing and Lifelong Learning is Coming Into Its Own

Adult learning transforms from alternative to preferred pathway, embracing skills over degrees. Lifelong learning challenges outdated norms amid declining trust in higher education. What drives this shift? Digital credentials and employer-led programs emerge, but face obstacles in the four-year college system. As industries evolve, rapid reskilling and digital verifiable skills evidence become vital. How can you navigate this educational revolution? Let’s start from community colleges and digital credentialing.

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HSPA Has Been Named One of the 5-Star Innovative School 2023 by The Educator Australia for Mastery-Learning, which was co-designed with Edalex and Learning Vault

HSPA named a 5-Star Innovative School 2023 in The Educator report for Mastery Learning

Edalex, the company powering organisations’ single source of truth for skills and learning data, enthusiastically congratulates the Hunter School of Performing Arts (HSPA) for being named one of the ‘5-Star Innovative Schools 2023’ by The Educator for their work around mastery learning, credentialing and Learner Dashboard innovations, which were co-designed with Edalex and Learning Vault using the Credentialate and openRSD platforms.

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Credentialate Guides - Tech Enablement of Next Generation Learning

Tech Enablement of Next-Generation Learning

There is an ongoing transformation of education towards a skills-focused and tech-enabled educational model. The learning community is shifting away from traditional four-year degrees, with major tech companies no longer requiring them and instead emphasising skills. In this information-rich Credentialate Guide, we ask – What is the Next-Generation Learning likely to look like? What are the challenges and opportunities associated with shifting to skills-based education? How can technology, such as digital credentials, be leveraged to create a more robust and accessible system for documenting and verifying skills and competencies? What role do community colleges, vocational education, and emerging technologies like AI play in the evolving education landscape.

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