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HSPA Has Been Named One of the 5-Star Innovative School 2023 by The Educator Australia for Mastery-Learning, which was co-designed with Edalex and Learning Vault

HSPA named a 5-Star Innovative School 2023 in The Educator report for Mastery Learning

Edalex, the company powering organisations’ single source of truth for skills and learning data, enthusiastically congratulates the Hunter School of Performing Arts (HSPA) for being named one of the ‘5-Star Innovative Schools 2023’ by The Educator for their work around mastery learning, credentialing and Learner Dashboard innovations, which were co-designed with Edalex and Learning Vault using the Credentialate and openRSD platforms.

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Edalex's Credentialate Blog Post - Open Skills, Open Credentials, Open Opportunities

Open Skills, Open Credentials, Open Opportunities

The purpose of education in any form can really be boiled down to one thing: opportunities including personal improvement, career advancement, increased income levels, and increased levels of personal satisfaction. Skills-based education, hiring, and even the creation of job listings are the future. What does that opportunity look like?

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Edalex Blog Post: Community Colleges Stacking Credentials as a Bridge to Higher-Education

Community Colleges: Stacking Credentials as a Bridge to Higher Education

Community colleges traditionally were created to address the population of learners who pursued two-year degree programs, which often led to transferring into a four-year university degree. However, as global skills gaps have increased, the need to shift from a traditional student demographic and outcome, to one that meets the needs of lifelong learners seeking to re-skill or upskill to stay relevant, has become critical. Lack of funding and infrastructure created challenges for many community colleges seeking to pivot to meet this new demand.

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