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How to Get Ahead in Higher Ed - Digital Strategies, Skills-Based Learning and Learner-Centricity Key

Dan McFadyen, Managing Director at Edalex speaks with Ryan O'Hare, CEO and Founder of Keypath Education (Australia and Asia-Pacific) where they discuss how to get ahead in Higher Education by challenging assumptions, focusing on digital strategies, embracing skills-based learning, catering to lifelong learners (the new majority) and being learner-centric.

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How Standards and Interoperability Are Enabling Credential Curation, Dynamic Credentials and Learner Agency

In this conversation style interview, Dan McFadyen and Nicholas Robert, Co-Founder and CEO of Learning Vault, explore how standards and interoperability are enabling credential curation, dynamic credentials and learner agency.

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Using Vision, Collaboration and Technology to Tackle Wicked Skills Challenges

In this conversation style interview, Margo Griffith and Dr. Naomi Boyer, Executive Director, Digital Transformation at Education Design Lab (the Lab), explore how we can all use vision, collaboration and technology enablement to tackle wicked challenges in the skills ecosystem.

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How Education, Industry, Society and Technology are Converging to Embrace and Empower Alternative Credentials

In this conversation style interview, Dan McFadyen and Martin Bean, Founder and CEO of the Bean Centre, explore a how education, industry, society and technology are converging to embrace and empower alternative credentials.

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A Fresh Take on Ethical and Machine Learning Imperatives to Create Truly Learner-Centric Micro-Credentials

In this conversation style interview, Dan McFadyen and Mark Keough, Chief Operating Officer of Intrinsic Learning, explore a fresh take on ethical and machine learning imperatives to create truly learner-centric micro-credentials.

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Bridging the Gap Between Digital Skills and Employability for the Future of Work

In this conversation style interview, Dan McFadyen and Lyndon Blanchard, Chief Operating Officer of the Digital Skills Organisation (DSO), discuss the demand for digital skills supply at both national and global levels and how the DSO are working to enable digital upskilling and reskilling and create a job-ready workforce.

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Aligning Non-formal to Formal Learning Pathways

In this conversation style interview, Margo Griffith and Jeffrey Lehrer, National RTO Compliance Manager from Scouts Australia, discuss the challenges and opportunities around aligning non-formal learning to formal learning pathways for both their youth members and adult volunteers. They also discuss what youth organisations globally are doing to help participants gain recognition of transferable skills learnt through their programs, to be used as credits towards getting into the course they want or when looking for work.

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