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Research Whitepaper: Digital Micro-Credential Efficacy and Impact on Learner Confidence


This Research Whitepaper details the findings of a research study conducted in 2022 over a six-month period, in collaboration with a group of international cross-sector partners, as part of a Global Victoria EdTech Innovation Alliance initiative. The research results show that learners readily embraced the more detailed information included in the credential - such as a detailed description of the credential components, how learners were assessed, and the links out to Rich Skill Descriptors (RSDs) that provided job market context. Credentialate’s Personal Evidence Record gave learners next-level understanding of what they had learnt and how they could apply it in their careers. The research project provided the opportunity to share knowledge and practice across providers and EdTech (Education Technology) organisations and generate new ways of working in the emerging areas of micro-credential and skills ecosystems.

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