Unleash the power of your skills data, digital assets
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Our vision is to develop innovative edtech solutions, form trusted partnerships with technology leaders and educators to deliver better outcomes for 21st century learners – and beyond!

openEQUELLA - Digital Repository for Educational Content Management


openEQUELLA is an open source digital repository that provides one platform to house your teaching and learning, research, media and library content.

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Credentialate is a Credential Evidence Platform that increases the power and meaning of digital credentials and the ability to analyse performance against learning outcomes like never before.

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Credentialate - The ONLY Micro-Credential With Learner-Level Evidence in the Digital Badge

Get more from your existing educational data

We surface what you already have and make it accessible, usable and more meaningful

Award-winning educational technology team

We leverage the 150-year combined experience of our team to create innovative, differentiated solutions

Innovation rooted in understanding

We create unique technologies that service the needs of multiple stakeholders across the education spectrum

Customers are at the core of everything we do

We strive to establish the most effective partnerships in education – it’s one of our core values. Beyond just words, we live this everyday

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Discover where you are on your micro-credential journey and plan next steps

The Micro-Credential Maturity Model is a tool to help you assess current offerings, explore organisational aspirations and map out potential steps towards implementing a micro-credential program.

  • Defines 5 key stages of micro-credential deployment - ranging from initial exploratory experiments through to an immersive, integrated experience
  • Defines important factors, segmented into 7 facets
  • Highlights sample scenarios and provides guidance on completing
  • Identifies critical success factors to short-cut your learning and help you take action faster