What Is Credentialate?

Meet the world's first Credential Evidence Platform that helps you discover and share evidence of workplace skills

Give learners a voice – Empower graduates with the language and evidence they need to differentiate themselves

Align outcomes to workplace skills – Analyse and prove how well you build job-ready skills – across programs, courses or individuals

Align outcomes to industry needs – Available globally for the first time through the Credentialate platform, utilise revolutionary new Skills-First Evidence Alignment functionality

Spend less time doing and more time delivering – Credentialate streamlines credential management, so you can quickly deliver at scale - a key to agility

Credentialate - the world's first Credential Evidence Platform with Skills-First Evidence Alignment

The skills infrastructure ecosystem

Education providers face significant challenges when it comes to breaking down systemic institutional barriers so they can provision their learners effectively for work in a skills economy:

Lack of data standardisation - learner data, processes and semantic connections may differ from one department to the next, ingrained internal practices over many years, creating data friction. In other words, data sets don’t talk to each other because they’re speaking different languages.

Limited alignment to skills - content, assessment and learning outcomes might be aligned to the academic world, but hold little relevance or meaning to the business world. In other words, education and professional tribes don’t talk to each other because they live in separate countries on either side of the world.

Data access and mobility is restricted - much of the stored institutional data is siloed into systems that are difficult to connect or share dynamically with. Transmitting data in order to see a more complete picture, or move between one platform or several is confronting if not possible at all. In other words, complementary datasets don’t hang out together because they’re locked in their rooms without a key.

Inflexible and inconsistent learner experience - learners struggle to articulate or verify their professional skills in a meaningful way. They have no visible proof of learning prior to graduation and can’t easily transition their achievements from one institution to another, or centralise their credentials in a place that they can easily access and control. Or, in other words, they’re up the creek without a paddle in the global economy...

Credentialate Skills Infrastructure Eco-System
Credentialate Evolving Ecosystem - Graphic

Skills recognition infrastructure made visible

Credentialate acts as the web that connects an institution’s content, assessment and learning outcomes data to industry-defined skills, competencies and alignment to frameworks, to create a comprehensive map of its Skills Recognition Infrastructure.

With visibility of its Skills Recognition Infrastructure, education providers can, for the first time, clearly see the connection between the skills and competencies amassed throughout the learning process and how that directly connects the world of education to the modern world of work.

For learners across the spectrum, they are provisioned with verified proof of the skills they’ve obtained that will help them in their professional lives. Not just upon completion of their study, but as they progress through a course. Once in a position to apply for work, they can highlight relevant unique strengths and speak with more confidence about what they bring to a specific role beyond a letter grade.

Importantly, learners gain control of their credentials, allowing mobility of the evidence of their skills to travel with them in whatever direction they choose to take - whether that’s towards a job, further education or to consolidate their non-formal and formal education to strengthen their career prospects or self-employment. Ultimately, this increases the return on their education investment and their likelihood of participating in further learning throughout their lives.

Where to start with micro-credentials and digital badges

There’s been a growing trend in the education sector towards short-form and alternative learning courses - accelerated by the advent of the global COVID-19 pandemic. While you may recognise that your institution needs to get into this space to compete, it can be difficult to know where to get started with micro-credentials and digital badges.

We’ve compiled a range of resources below that will help bring you up to speed with the rise of micro-credentials, what you can do to get started and where you can go for further information. You’ll also learn about Credentialate - the world’s first Credential Evidence Platform that helps you discover and share evidence of workplace skills.

Skills-first evidence alignment

Traditionally, digital credentials are created by linking to the course’s learning outcomes. With Credentialate, the world’s first Credential Evidence Platform, education providers could also include a personalised evidence page with qualitative and quantitative detail of achievement.

Now, Credentialate has developed Skills-First Evidence Alignment, in recognition and support of the burgeoning skills economy, as a way for educator to apply backwards-design to micro-credential development.

Credentialate Skills-First Evidence Alignment
  • Mastery approach - by aligning the curriculum to skills and competencies, learners can fill the gaps in their learning and build towards mastery of a particular skill or competency
  • Get actionable insights - the institution can identify gaps and be agile in adapting to meet market needs
  • Career-aligned evidence record - with personalised evidence, learners can speak confidently to their skills and competencies and easily share proof of same
  • Surfaces durable (transferable) and domain specific skills - institutions can identify both from within their curriculum
  • Speed to market - get a micro-credential program up and running quicker, using existing course content and learner data already captured by the institution
  • Strengthen recruitment strategy - as industry needs are the first consideration, graduates are job-ready as soon as they graduate, creating more competitive course offerings
  • Platform flexibility - at every stage, Credentialate gives you the option to configure to your unique requirements to get the outcomes you want

Credentialate features

The power of Credentialate, lies in its ability to:

  • Collect and aggregate learner data from multiple sources into a centralised system
  • Align data to in-demand skills and competencies, frameworks and labour market data
  • Issue a personalised evidence record with qualitative and quantitative detail
  • Track and manage competency achievement outside of course silos

More than that, Credentialate:

  • Utilises automation and templates to reduce human workload and enable scale workload
  • Integrates non-formal and formal education into a single, framework-aligned evidence record
  • Reduces the time and cost of launching skills-based micro-credentials
Credentialate Pilot - For those wanting to start out on their micro-credentialing and digital badge journey

Request a proof of concept

A good first step for most of the institutions we work with, is to order a free Proof of Concept, which will provide you with a report that can be used as a business case for Skills-First Evidence Alignment.

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